Your Gift at Work

It is with the support of our generous donors that Saint Elizabeth Community is able to provide the care that has become our hallmark. From the Saint Elizabeth GREEN HOUSE® Homes to the art displays at Saint Elizabeth Adult Day Centers, the spirit of philanthropy can be seen throughout Saint Elizabeth Community.

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The following are just some of the areas throughout Saint Elizabeth Community that benefit from the generosity of our donors.

  • Area of Greatest Need
  • Therapeutic Recreation Activities
  • The Wish Project
  • Outdoor Living
  • Support and Services at Home (SASH)
  • Saint Elizabeth Haven for Elder Justice
  • Workforce Development and Training

Area of Greatest Need

By making an unrestricted donation, you provide Saint Elizabeth Community the flexibility to quickly respond to the immediate needs of our elders, families, and staff in an ever-changing healthcare environment. Such gifts help tremendously when special projects come to light, costly equipment must be replaced, or an opportunity presents itself to improve programs and services. At a time when the cost of healthcare is rising and reimbursements are decreasing, unrestricted support is more important than ever.

Therapeutic Recreation Activities

Elders throughout Saint Elizabeth Community participate in many activities to engage the mind, body, and spirit. Activities are offered for elders of all abilities in order to improve or maintain physical, cognitive, social, emotional and spiritual abilities. Activities can include live music, arts and crafts, painting, spiritual programs, visits with animals, sports, games, dance and movement, exercise and outings to local restaurants, parks and attractions.

The Wish Project

What began in 2009 with a trip to Cape Cod for a group of residents from Saint Elizabeth Home has turned into a beloved program throughout Saint Elizabeth Community. The Wish Project provides elders the opportunity to live out their dreams…whatever they may be. A wish could be for anything from the ordinary to the extraordinary -including a 99 year-old woman finally getting her ears pierced and a 96 year-old man attending a WWII reunion in Arizona! The Wish Project is about helping those in our care live to the fullest and create meaningful life experiences. This program is made possible through the generosity of many donors, friends and employees.

Outdoor Living

Being outside and enjoying the outdoors does more than just lift our spirits; it also provides a boost for physical and mental well-being. No matter the activity, simply being outside and enjoying nature can provide a variety of benefits for energy, creativity, and mental and physical well-being. Our donors help us to create and maintain critical outdoor spaces so we may continue to find opportunities for our elders to participate in outdoor activities, socialize with others, and enjoy the benefits of being outside. Throughout Saint Elizabeth Community, elders enjoy beautiful gardens, raised garden beds for planting, patios and porches, wheelchair-accessible swings and much more.

Support and Services at Home (SASH)

Saint Elizabeth Community’s SASH Program currently serves the residents of Saint Elizabeth Apartments for Seniors and Mobility-Impaired in Providence. SASH is a healthy living and disease prevention initiative designed to help older adults in low-income housing to manage illness and chronic health conditions live independently and improve their quality of life. The program provides this underserved and vulnerable population with access to services that support their desire to remain independent and age at home.

The SASH model addresses the social determinants of health including housing, transportation, food, social isolation and other factors that directly impact the health of seniors living in affordable housing. Developed in Vermont, Saint Elizabeth Community is the first to bring the SASH model to the seniors of Rhode Island.

Saint Elizabeth Haven for Elder Justice

Each year, hundreds of thousands of older persons across the U.S. are abused, neglected and exploited. It can happen to anyone and the consequences of elder abuse are grave. Saint Elizabeth Community established the Haven for Elder Justice (Haven) program in 2009 as a short-term shelter program to protect frail elders in Rhode Island from all forms of abuse, including physical, emotional, sexual or financial abuse. The Haven is the state’s only dedicated program providing safe emergency shelter and case management to meet the needs of frail elders.

Workforce Development and Training

Saint Elizabeth Community is committed to recruiting, hiring, and retaining qualified staff and providing opportunities for education and growth for all. The healthcare industry continues to be challenged by the shortage of qualified staff, particularly Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA). As such, the most critical component of Saint Elizabeth Community’s workforce development and training initiative is the CNA training program which offers no-cost classes to those who wish to secure an entry-level position in patient care.

The course teaches the necessary skills and preparation for certification to those who are interested in becoming a CNA and includes 175 hours of both classroom and clinical instruction. Upon certification and hire, employees are provided mentorship to develop a career pathway with the opportunity for additional training and education. Many of the CNAs now employed by Saint Elizabeth Community are graduates of this important program.