Saint Elizabeth GREEN HOUSE® Homes

Saint Elizabeth GREEN HOUSE® Homes opened in 2017, bringing a new and innovative model of nursing home care to Rhode Island. The four GREEN HOUSE® Homes are located on a cul de sac adjacent to Saint Elizabeth Home in East Greenwich.



In the GREEN HOUSE® Homes, four small nursing homes each with 12 residents, care is provided by a Shahbazim; this is a special name to identify the caregivers, who are specially trained certified nursing assistants. These caregivers are the heart of the homes by interacting with the residents and supporting meaningful lives. The Shahbazim in the house also cooks and does laundry, while engaging with elders.

Registered Nurses

Registered Nurses follow physician orders by administering medications and providing nursing treatments to residents. They build strong relationships with both the residents and the caregiving team. Additionally, a team of professionals (nursing, social work, and culinary) collaborates to provide optimal care to residents, with the “Guide” leading the teamwork amongst all GREEN HOUSE® Homes staff.

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