Promoting Elder Justice

Elder justice is not only the protection of elders and advocating for public policy to eliminate this silent epidemic. It is also the prosecution of perpetrators.

Saint Elizabeth Haven for Elder Justice Program provides support to elder victims of abuse.

Safe shelter placement and safety planning is our Elder Justice Advocate's first priority while working with those in need, securing a temporary refuge for a safe return to the community, or entry into a long-term care setting.

A community-based program is provided to victims ensuring they receive specialized case management services while remaining at home, in the community, and for elders who return home after a safe shelter stay. Advocacy for legal assistance, public policy support, and accessible benefits are achieved with the support of collaborating partners, such as the Rhode Island Department of Healthy Aging.

Education and training
of recognizing and addressing elder abuse is provided by Saint Elizabeth Haven for Elder Justice. This comprehensive approach is shared with professionals, elders' families, law enforcement, volunteers and students across the entire state of Rhode Island.

Office On Violence Against Women awards a $660,000 Federal Grant to extend the Enhanced Training and Services to End Abuse in Later Life program. Read more...
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Elder Justice Advocates Support
Elders are protected by RI law

To Report Abuse Call:
If you or someone you know is being abused call the Office of Healthy Aging (OHA)
OHA Abuse Help Line

or Report Online Submission
24 hours per day | 7 days per week

Contact Us

Jeanne Gattegno, Director of Saint Elizabeth Haven for Elder Justice Program

For more information including training info:

Contact Jeanne Gattegno, Program Director of Saint Elizabeth Haven for Elder Justice Program.

For referrals contact:

Cheryl A. Patnaude, MSW
Elder Justice Advocate

All referrals are reported to the Department of Healthy Aging.