At Saint Elizabeth Community we offer compassionate care for those with memory impairments in our nursing/rehabilitation center, adult day centers, assisted living residence and at home.

Saint Elizabeth Home in East Greenwich provides memory care throughout our community. We offer specialized, secure, accommodations in our "Cove" neighborhood. Our staff has received additional training and education about caring for individuals with memory care needs, and provides nurturing and compassionate care in a supportive and safe environment.

Additionally, memory care is provided in our GREEN HOUSE® Homes and in our "Bay" neighborhood.

Support During the Day

Saint Elizabeth Adult Day Center in Warwick has a specialized memory care center, and provides support during the day to individuals and families who care for their loved ones with dementia at home. And memory care support is provided at all four adult day center locations. People choose adult day care for many reasons, but some include:

The compassionate, knowledgeable staff at our day centers provides care and guidance to participants and their families. Although individuals with early-stage dementia can attend any adult day centers, those with later-stage dementia would benefit from the special care provided at the specialized Memory Care Center.

We also support individuals with early stages of memory loss at our assisted living, and those with memory loss at home.