Becoming an RN – One CNA’s Remarkable Journey

Congratulations to Saint Elizabeth Home’s Jillian Coffey, CNA who has been accepted into New England Institute of Technology’s Associate Degree in Nursing Program! Not only are we proud of her achievement, we are honored to have Jillian, a team member, represent the organization.

Saint Elizabeth Community’s ongoing partnership with NEIT strengthens the workforce initiatives of the organization, while having a direct impact on the individual employees who benefit from a tuition-free opportunity.

Jillian enrolled in Saint Elizabeth’s CNA Training program in December of 2014, and began her journey working at Saint Elizabeth Home in “The Bay” neighborhood following graduation. As an experienced caregiver of nearly ten years, Jillian is able to grow in her career by earning her nursing degree.

“The eighteen month accelerated RN program allows me to further my career while continuing to work at Saint Elizabeth Home,”

Jillian Coffey, CNA at Saint Elizabeth Home holding a framed photo of her beloved resident, Gloria Farina, who passed in July 2021 at the age of 99. Gloria inspired Jillian to pursue a career in nursing.

Following in her mother’s footsteps as a Registered Nurse, she acknowledges that her mom is her mentor and biggest supporter, along with the late Gloria Farina, her beloved resident featured in the photograph. In honor of the special bond they shared, the meaningful relationship that blossomed is what inspires Jillian towards enhancing her career.

“Working in the healthcare field while fulfilling my college degree gives me an advantage to understanding what my future in nursing will be.” Jillian proclaims, “I feel very fortunate to have this opportunity.”

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