Adult Day Programs Offer Specialized Care

Adult Day programs at Saint Elizabeth Community offer specialized care to address the needs of our participants.

At our Memory Care Center in Warwick Neck, our enhancement program works with seniors experiencing early memory loss related to Alzheimer’s Disease and other conditions.

The Apponaug Adult Day Center focuses on mobility and movement disorders for adults and seniors with Parkinson’s and other related diseases.

Adult Day Centers help families keep their loved ones at home longer by providing a wide array of supportive services during the day within a secure and nurturing environment.

All four of our centers deliver engaging, supportive activities for elders all day long.
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Throughout the day, participants are engaged in physical and social activities that have a positive effect on their mind, body and spirit.

“At each of our locations, we create a warm, welcoming space that feels like a home away from home,” explained Jessica Gosselin, Director of Saint Elizabeth Adult Day Centers. “Families can leave their loved ones with us, knowing that they will receive compassionate care and attention all day long.”

A typical day begins with a ride to the center – transportation is often provided by the facility. Breakfast is served, followed by morning fun which may include anything from chair aerobics to crafts. Before you know it, lunch is ready and it’s time to plan for the afternoon. Depending on their schedule, participants head home any time between 2 and 4 pm.

Saint Elizabeth Community operates 4 centers: Bristol, South Kingstown and two in Warwick: Apponaug and Warwick Neck. Now part of Saint Elizabeth Community, the programs were originally founded as Cornerstone Adult Day, which started fifty years ago in 1973. Many other organizations offer similar services throughout the area.

The Saint Elizabeth Adult Day Center in Warwick Neck specializes in memory care for adults with Alzheimer’s and other cognitive issues. The Center in Apponaug focuses on mobility and movement disorders for adults and seniors with Parkinson’s and other related diseases.

Support Groups meet every month at the Memory Care Center and Apponaug Center

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