SASH Program

Support and Services at Home

SASH® is a FREE program available at Saint Elizabeth Apartments for Seniors and Mobility-Impaired, offering coordinated supportive services to help you live safely and healthfully at home. A SASH Wellness Nurse assesses your health and wellness needs and connects you with resources and programs to meet your goals. This person-centered program focuses on each individual and their unique needs.

SASH® participants are supported in many ways:

• Comprehensive health and wellness assessment
• Healthy living planning with tools and resources to help you meet your wellness goals
• Services are confidential- your privacy is important
• Support with transitions back home from a hospital or rehab stay
• Free exercise classes, education, and wellness programs
• Support in connecting effectively with doctors and health care providers
• An informed team to help in case of crisis

Learn about the Grant for SASH Program awarded to Saint Elizabeth Community.

Enrolling in the SASH program is FREE and it is very simple to participate!

For more information call 401-773-7479 or email Barbara Gavin, Director of SASH program at Saint Elizabeth Apartments for Seniors and Mobility-Impaired.